Sunday, July 28, 2013

Playing with a Green Screen

We have been hard at work getting our new webstore,, up and running. We have a brick and mortar store that represents over 125 artists and artisans and decided that it was time to add an online store into the mix! It will be up and running soon but in the meantime...

By far the hardest thing is taking the product photography. You would think it would be as simple as point and shoot, but we tried that and were not thrilled with the results. So obviously, we needed to turn our living room in to this monstrosity:

Just kidding, we propped the green screen up to play with the computer program and put ourselves in all sorts of exotic locations for fun.


 I will say this much, I did not realize how easy these things are to use and how great the quality is. We still have yet to figure out a set up that is not quite so massive and intrusive on the living room, but the green screen does make a much nicer quality of photo with the proper studio lighting.

And a final product...
Big mishap with the green screen: Photographing clear class dishes… I won't even post the images but trust me, the edges were awful and we had a good laugh.

 No worries. We figured out a primitive but oddly almost flawless fix for this issue. Tah Dah!
Not perfect, but we are getting there. We ordered some new lights that will be arriving soon, so we can play with those next!

and eventually this webstore will go live...


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