Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to the Studio!

Today is my day manning the store and studio today, so I figured I would take a moment to introduce (drum roll please)…… our studio!

This was originally just a typical store back room but we recently renovated it. Now it is a fully functioning glass and metals studio where Michael and I work on our own projects as well as teach classes.

It also can be turned into a mini-kitchen of sorts because we host parties quite frequently here and need a place to assemble platters of food and such.

On top of that it also serves as the general back room for the store and gallery.

So there is a lot going on back here! When we were working on plans for the studio I was adamant on really thinking through the organization for the space. With so many things going on I was just picturing a disaster waiting to happen as far as clutter goes.  We needed to make sure it was very easy to CLEAN the space up.

Here is how we chose to organize in this space. It is working wonders for us. Obviously a studio/kitchen/backroom is a fairly unique room, but these organizational techniques would work well in any room: a standard kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, etc.


I love bins. It gives you the ability to thoughtlessly toss things where they go and everything gets tucked away and out of sight. Bins make cleaning up go much faster. We also went through and meticulously labeled exactly what is to go in which bin. This makes it fool proof and very difficult to let get cluttered.


This keeps the countertops as clear as possible and makes great use of otherwise unusable space.


Everything has an exact place to go. Really refine exactly what belongs in each drawer. As with the labels on the bins it makes it pretty hard to mess up and avoid confusing clutter.


We always make sure we have MORE than enough stocked in our cleaning supplies drawer. This makes certain we will never run out. Also, having the cleaning supplies right in the same room as where messes are happening makes cleaning that much more convenient. When things are easily accessible you are much more likely to use them!


These adorable little votive holders just came in. I keep admiring them on the counter here.

 They are hand painted pottery. We have carried them previously but this new batch is just so vibrant I cannot get over it!)

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