Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Christmas Time!

Well it is for us anyway. We have to think a couple seasons ahead so right now we are all about Christmas at the store: planning the front window, lining up our orders, planning out our events for the season, and on and on and on!

If we don’t plan out all the intricacies so far ahead life turns into a horribly stressful rat race as the months tick by.

(and no, this is not what our front window looks like right now. All of these photos are from last year)

I am kind of used to working a season ahead, but I forget that other people are nowhere near thinking about Christmas yet. That makes me sound a little crazy, but I kid you not. Michael and I have spent the past few nights sitting out on the porch in our short sleeves enjoying the lovely weather chatting about what we think would be a good “feel” of our Christmas tree this year at the store.


But see, it filters into life outside the store too!

Once we start talking about our plan for the Christmas season at the gallery I immediately start stressing about what I am going to get everyone on my list for Christmas.

Oh gosh, I need to just go to the beach and get a hold of myself.


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