Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's Make a Window Display!

Yesterday was window display day!

I actually quite like this task because it feels like shopping but for free! How stunning is this perfume bottle? I love it.

 I essentially just pick a color scheme or theme and then walk through the store and select items. For fall I thought that brown and orange was appropriate. Here is the in-progress pile. It shrinks and grows as I go along for sure, but just to give you an idea.

This guy was feverishly doing inventory all afternoon, so I was going solo.

Oh, and I found a friend. Check out this baked dragonfly. It may or may not have made me jump.

When we clean out the area in front of the window there are always bugs that get trapped. Yuck, I know. but that's why we clean it.

I wish I could have gotten better shot of the display, but it was a sunny day so there's a big glare. Maybe I will pop an image in of the window at night to get a better view.

I hope everyone's weeks are starting off well.


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