Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let's Run A Road Race!

Yesterday was the Maynard Road Race, and Team Denault Studios had a BLAST!

I am always so impressed with Maynard's community. When it is publicized that something is happening downtown everyone comes out in the best spirits. I love it so much.

The event itself is a combination of a 5k event, or a 2 mile walk. Michael and Sara were the designated cheerleaders (although Michael prefers the title "team coach"), but every else picked something to go for.

Sara was so sweet. When we all met up at the store before the race, and she spent her time in the studio folding fans so she could an each of us when we finished.

Here we are getting ready to go.

We had great weather, which was wonderful!
The course was through the neighborhoods of Maynard, and it was great to see so many families take the time to sit out in their front yards and cheer on the runners/ walkers.

And here are the photos of each of us finishing:

I wish I looked this intense when I run haha. Great job Megan!
Katherine and Charles Denault, Michael's parents
That would be me :)
Congratulations to everyone else who participated in either event! You all were wonderful:)

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