Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mailing Invites

Tonight was an invitations night!

At the gallery we do a Local Artisan Series where we host local artists and crafters in the gallery. To kick off an artist's show we host a reception for their friends and family as well as our clientele.

The parties are honestly one of my favorite parts of running the store. We have met so many fun characters through them and who can resist a fun party, right?

Naturally since we host a lot of parties, we spend a lot of time inviting people! This entails a lot of stickers.

I used to HATE this job, but now I honestly don't mind it. It is almost meditative and it always turns into some nice quality time with Michael.

This upcoming show is for an artist who does paintings as well as this really neat collection of bright colored jewelry. The panther on the invite is one of Kim's paintings. I wish I had a photo of the jewelry she dropped off at the store on Sunday. It is bright colored fruit! I am sure I will get a chance to post a photo.

Random last thought...

I thoroughly enjoy how the little peel off things on the envelopes curl up when you rip them off fast.
Silly comment, I know.

I hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start!


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