Monday, September 2, 2013

Unloading the Kiln

I mentioned yesterday about how the kiln has been running non-stop lately and how much I love seeing what other people create. So, I figured I would show you guys some of the glass!

Opening the kiln is always somewhat exciting because you can never REALLY know what everything is going to look like when it is done.

And here it is!


These tiles and pendants were made by two friends who came in recently for a class and these are all done.

The larger pieces are going to be platters. These need one for firing at a lower temperature over a mold which will slump them into their final shape.
I have been doing most of the studio tasks lately because Michael is still hard at work on the website. It soft launched recently, but he is still adding items constantly and working with the product photography. He is doing a great job :)
We finally have moved the photo set up to a more permanent location! As fun as it was to have it in the middle of the living room, I think I prefer having it elsewhere haha


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