Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's in the boxes???

A big shipment of fall inventory showed up today! What could it be what could it be?

I have a confession to make. I still love opening up new items when they arrive. The thrill of that has not worn off yet. It is still like Christmas morning every time haha.

We received work from two artists. The first is a company that makes pie candles. They look and smell exactly like baked goods. I love these things. I have been looking forward to September all year simply because I knew that these were coming again.

(sorry about the blurry picture. It was dark)

Look how pretty this pumpkin pie is!

The other are candle/votive holders with autumn leaves. These would make such a pretty autumn centerpiece or mantle. Next year I might ask Michael to toss in a few for ourselves.

Alas, with a new shipment comes a lot of work. This means we need to redo the front window and main display at the store which is quite a job. I'm psyching myself up for it though. I'll be sure to show you guys how that comes out.

I hope everyone had a happy Wednesday :)


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