Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maynardfest 2013

Maynardfest was yesterday and we had so much fun!

Maynard is actually a tiny town in comparison to most, so it amazes me the quality and size of the town events. Just like I mentioned in my post about the Maynard Road Race, when you tell Maynard there is an event, everyone shows up.

This year we went relatively simple and put together a beaded bracelet project to do out in front of our store. Oh, and of COURSE we had tons of munchkins (I may or may not have eaten half of them myself.)

Michael and I made note to get to the store really early to set up. But......There was a car parked right in our spot until ten minutes before the event began. I get kind of panicky about that type of thing which Michael was later teasing me about. In reality was that ten minutes was plenty enough time to set up.

These are really cute right? This is the only one I actually thought to take a photo of, but there were so many great ones that folks put together throughout the day.

And here are some photos of kids having fun making our bracelets. I must admit, I was having a lot of fun just putting together the demos all day. Valerie and Sandy, the employees also both came out to make ones for themselves!

Michael and I also worked on making some earrings during the day. I figured I would throw in a few pictures of some of them. He is much better than I am. I think he made about 20 beautiful pairs in the time it took me to make one.


Michael and I talk a lot about what we love about running this business, and one thing that comes up every time is that we get to be so involved in this wonderful community. I love that a long day of working means laughing with families and watching so many little faces light up when I fasten  bracelets onto their wrists.

Even if you are not a business owner I strongly urge you to get out there in your community. Find the events and go to them every single time. Better yet, rent a booth space and become a part of the event. There are so many warm memories to be made.


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