Thursday, October 10, 2013

Really Heavy Pumpkins

Check out our newest addition to the gallery: Pumpkins!

They are made out of cast stone and made to display in a garden. This happens to make them humorously heavy.

This morning Michael and I were both working in the office when he noticed there was a delivery on the front steps, so he went out to grab it like he always does. Fifteen minutes later I started getting a bit concerned...

I poked my head out and he was fumbling with the boxes completely unable to move them more than a foot at a time. Oh dear! Usually we both know exactly what is coming and when but I did not know what these were so I was completely perplexed haha.

Any way, here we are unpacking them at the store. (Michael was getting a bit testy with me because I was trying to take pictures when he was needing my help to with the boxes.)

These guys are stunning in person. The photos do not even begin to give them a justice. The largest one looks out of a story book!

One of the things I love about running the store is that there is a different story every day. We get to laugh so much which is wonderful, and something that not everyone gets to say about their work :)

In other news... Maynard hosts a large downtown trick-or-treat each year the week before Halloween. I ordered a costume online for the event and it came today. Good gosh! It is way fancier in person than I thought it was going to be. is it even possible to be overdressed for Halloween? Stay tuned for that...


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