Monday, November 11, 2013


Alright. I know, I know. I haven’t posted anything in way too long. Ah! Horrible excuse, I know, but Michael and I both have been absolutely SWAMPED with preparations for the holidays.

But, more importantly, I am back. I figured I would do a quick catch up post to give some highlights from the past few weeks.



As it was last year, so much fun! The wonderful thing about this particular event is that you get to see so many costumes! We went through 1500 pieces of candy, and I was only giving out one per person, yikes.

Michael took Sara trick-or-treating around town along with a handful of her friends from school. Sara was a fairy, of course. Her latest favorite thing in the world :) And I had candy duty. Here is a picture of the two of us all ready to go.

Last year I wore a witch hat as my costume, but I figured I would dress up a bit more this year for fun. Costume of choice? Princess Belle, of course. I didn’t realize how fancy my dress was going to be when I ordered it online, but it was a full-on ball gown. Hoop skirt, boning, and all. Well, if I ever have a royal ball to go to I am all set, right?

Might I mention that I was freezing? But I was determined to make it the whole time without covering up my costume! I made it ALMOST. I had to throw on a cardigan during the last hour of the event because downtown Maynard is like a wind tunnel.

But the costume was a hit, and that’s what matters. I must have taken 20 photos with entire families who wanted to pose with me! I also loved the look on the faces of the dozen, or so little girls who ALSO dressed up as Belle.
November 1 is when the tree goes up at the store. Call us crazy, but I am not exaggerating when I say that customers have been asking for it since September. It always gets me how controversial the Christmas Season can be. People get very passionate over exactly when it is time to get in the spirit. We pick a happy medium for the store when it comes to introducing Christmas. We start with the tree and ornaments and then slowly build from there throughout November. In about a week or so we will have our outdoor decorations up, so stay tuned for that!
This  Saturday we kicked off what is going to be a long string of Local Artisan Parties. We love giving local artists a chance to promote and sell their work, which is why we created this series in the first place. We give juried artists a certain region of featured display space in our store or a given amount of time. We throw them a party to kick off their show to give them the opportunity to promote themselves as well as celebrate with friends and family. I mentioned the reception for Kim Morgan in a previous post.
The Local Artisan Series is a favorite of mine. We run one sequence of parties throughout the spring and then typically a second series before the holidays.
This reception was extra-special to me because it was for a personal friend of mine, Clarissa Budd.
We have known each other since grade school, so it was amazing to give her this opportunity. She does stunning art photography as well as portrait sessions locally.
She sold her very first piece of art photography, to who else but her lovely grandmother. How beautiful are the two of them?
Her party was a ball and I love seeing Clarissa. There is nothing like old friends :)
Clarissa's work will be displayed on our walls for the duration of November, so be sure to stop by and check it out.
Those are the major events since I last checked in. We have also had tons of new inventory arriving daily for Christmas. Look out for plenty of posts featuring the new work.
Other than that, Michael and I have been working non stop on the website. Check it out if you haven't. There are new things showing up daily!
Goodbye for now!

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