Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Window Washing and Holiday Cards!

As business owners we constantly get to put on new hats. Today's hat? Window Washers!

In all honesty, I had been dreading today for a while because deep cleaning the window area seemed so daunting.

We pulled all of the inventory out of the window and disassembled the entire shelving unit. Then we got out our squeegees and went to town.

A kind of messy chore, and very cold for a chilly November afternoon, but there's no choice but to get it done!

Second task of the day was taking our store Holiday card photo. We thought that this would be a nice way to say thank you to our customers who have supported us throughout the year.

We truly do appreciate each and every one of our customers. I get really excited about every chance we get to let you guys get to know us a little better, even if that just means putting faces to our names.

Sara kept wriggling around and making funny faces the whole time so it took about ten shots, and a promise to do one silly photo at the end to get her to stand still and do a plain smile.

She insisted that it was more funny to do a silly photo.

And she was right!

Michael ended up using our silly photo for the Christmas card :) The plain ones felt a bit stodgy. Stay tuned for that.

I hope everyone is having a nice November so far. It's certainly getting cold here in Massachusetts. The forecast called for snow this morning, which did not happen but it certainly felt like it could snow all day today!


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